5 Generic Brand Baby Products Review!

Are struggling to make ends meet?

Do you opt for a generic brand?
Some of the generic brands are just as good, if not better than the name brands.


If you’re struggling to make ends meet and opt for the generic brands, don’t worry you are not alone! I always choose the cheaper brands over the more expensive, and in my opinion, they are just as good and in some cases better than the more expensive brands.

Not many people can admit they like to buy generic over name brand, I am one of them and I will proudly admit it! If I can save money on things I use every day, I’m going to do it! These are my favourite generic brand baby products!


Baby solutions baby wipes – hypoallergenic

You can buy these from K-mart. I love K-mart and this give me another excuse to go to K-mart! Haha! These wipes are really good if you don’t like the thick paper style wipes. I love these wipes not only for their scent and feel, or the fact that they are hypoallergenic – which means gentle on the bottom, the price is amazing! $8 for a box – 6 individual packs of 80 inside.



Dymples straw Sippy cup – Big W

When looking at buying a Sippy cup I was so overwhelmed at how expensive these things are! I mean, you could spend a fortune and get one with cute designs and such, but these are just as good as any other brand if not better! They are not double lined or insulated which means no nasties get inside. I love these because they are super simple to clean, are dishwasher safe, look great and are so cheap! $4 each! I currently have 4 which I switch around every day.




Aldi Mamia Nappies

Aldi would have to be my favourite place for my grocery shopping! It is so cheap! Their Mamia baby range on its own is excellent value for money, but their nappies are one of my favourite! I was one to always buy Huggies, I love Huggies, but there comes a point where you just can’t afford them anymore. I tried several different brands before I tried Mamia, and let me tell you! Mamia is great! I have not had one nappy leak! I am also very impressed with how much they can hold, quite a bit! They have cute little designs too! They are awesome quality for money and are so cheap! $11 a packet!



Aldi Mamia baby wipes – scented

Again, Mamia at Aldi is an awesome range! I love these wipes because they smell great!!! I seriously love the smell! You won’t like these wipes if you like the thicker paper style wipes. I love these wipes not only for their scent, but their feel too. They just feel great and are a decent sized wipe. You can pick up a packet of these for $1.90 or on special buy days, you can get a box for $9 – 6 individual packets of 80 inside.



Aldi Mamia nappy bags

Do you feel a theme going on here? I love Aldi, I really do! They are so cheap and the value for money in amazing! The Nappy bags you can get from Aldi are a special buy only, which means they are not on the shelves everyday. When there is a special buys day coming up and these nappy bags are on special, I will go down and grab a few packets at once. I think these are great because the pack they come in is so handy! Every other pack of nappy bags you buy, comes in a box and gets squished and thrown around in the nappy bag. These come in a packet that has a lid, similar to a wipes packet only smaller. This solves the problem of opening your nappy bag and finding the packet squished beyond repair and nappy bags everywhere. I’m not too keen on the scent of these bags, it is very strong, not a subtle scent at all. But I will move past that because of the fact they have a lid!! They have a lid! I think this is the best thing since sliced bread! They are fairly cheap too at $3.99 for a packet of 200. I can justify the price considering the packaging, so in my mind, these are cheap!



If you have heard of these products but haven’t worked up the courage to try them, I hope these reviews have helped you! I also hope you think they are just as good as I think they are! If you struggle to come to terms with buying generic brands, think of it this way, it’s only going in the bin when your done!