5 Quick Tips For Mummy

Hi Mummies!!

First of all, I need to apologize for my lack of commitment of late. This mummy has actually been very sick and have had interstate visitors!! The last two months for me have been rough, but rest assured, things will be getting back to normal asap! I missed you all!


Considering the time right now where I am, this will be a quick post. This Mummy is TIRED!

This post will be about Quick Tips for Mummy to help get you through the day with a toddler.


Tip No.1 –

Never acknowledge a tantrum. This is at the top of the list for me guys! The minute you acknowledge or react to a tantrum they will think its ok. The whole point of a tantrum is to get your attention, if you ignore them they will happen less and less.


Tip No.2 –

Encourage them to eat but never force them to eat. You want to encourage them as much as possible but never force them to eat. This will result in bad memories of eating and they will not enjoy food time and will not eat.


Tip No.3 –

Back Chatting. Never back chat a back chatter. Boy am I glad I am typing this not saying it!! That’s a tongue tie! Haha.  Never talk back to them if they are talking back to you. Going back up to tip No.1, if you acknowledge it or back chat them back, they will think it’s ok.


Tip No.4 –

Dummies. Slowly wean them from the dummy rather than taking it away abruptly. If you slowly start taking it away and act super casual about it they will be off it in no time!


Tip No.5 –

HAVE FUN!! Above all, have fun with your little one. They don’t stay little forever!! Get as much play time in now as you can. Before you know it, they will be off to school.


Well that’s it from me for tonight.

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