Key Comforts When Your Baby Is Sick

What are your key comforts when your baby gets sick?

At one point or another your baby is going to get sick, whether you like it or not.
How do you go about comforting your baby when they do get sick?


If you’re like me, you will avoid any kind of germ or sick person in order to keep your precious bundle healthy. I am quite pleased with myself and how long I managed to keep my daughter in good health. 16 months!!! Yes, you read that right, 16 months I sheltered her and kept her in good health and avoided getting her sick.


Some people might tell me I’m crazy for avoiding getting her sick or I should let her get out and enjoy the fresh air. Well I did, it was just when and how I did it that kept those nasty germs away. During summer, it didn’t really matter where we went or what time we went because in summer, who is sick? Next to no-one! Winter is where things get a bit more complicated. In winter, you need to be very careful of a few things. Ask yourself these questions.

  • What time of the day do you go out?
  • Is it sunny, cloudy or raining?
  • What is your baby wearing?
  • Do you have a blanket?


All of these things plus more come into the picture when you’re planning an outing in winter. To avoid any kind of germ or being at risk of getting sick, I will always:

  • Layer clothes
  • Bring a blanket
  • Steer clear of people who are already sick
  • Only leave the house on a warmish winters day
  • Never go out at night in winter
  • Never go out if it’s raining


Following all these steps made sure that neither of us would get sick.

But eventually, sooner or later, your little bundle will get sick, and when they do it is so heartbreaking.  With these key comforts, you can make your child feel so much better when they are sick.


  1. Cuddles!

Lots and Lots of cuddles!! The number of cuddles you will give and receive will be a record! It’s also nice to just sit on the lounge watching a movie together quietly while getting cuddles.


  1. Fluids!

Fluids, Fluids and more Fluids! I cannot stress this enough! Even if they don’t feel like drinking you still need to get some kind of fluid into them. My daughter doesn’t drink anything when she is sick. Instead of trying to force her and make her feel even more uncomfortable than she already is, I buy an electrolyte from my local pharmacy, lucky it also comes in jelly form, and my daughter loves jelly! So instead of ‘drinking’ something they are actually eating. I put in into a bowl and feed it just like any other food. I am still getting fluids into her without her realising!  Win-Win!!


  1. Probiotics

Probiotics are great for when your little one isn’t feeling the best! You are helping them to get better from the inside out without them even knowing. I’m lucky enough that my daughter will allow me to give her any form of medication without a struggle, but if your child doesn’t like it at all, you could try mixing it into some food or popping it into their water or juice.


  1. Multi-vitamins

Multi-vitamins are great to have hanging around for when your child feels a bit off. These are great also if your child isn’t really drinking or eating. They will replace the lost nutrients your child would normally receive through their food.


  1. Be gentle & share the love!

Anything you do, be gentle. Don’t try and force medicine, food or fluids down their throat, they are already feeling horrible they don’t need anything extra added on when not needed. If you are in a push comes to shove situation and have no choice, be as gentle as you can. If you can make a game out of it that’s great too! If they are still eating, feed them their favourite food after you administer medicine. Encourage them a lot, ask every 10-15 Minutes if they would like a drink or something to eat. Even if it is only little bits at a time, it’s better than nothing.


When babies get sick it truly does break your heart and you really do feel for them. I hope these key comforts can help ease the burden of illness with your child as much as it did mine. Just remember, if they are asleep, leave them asleep. While they are asleep they are healing. They will wake up when they need something. I hope this brings some comfort to your home this cold season!



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