Top 5 Tips To Feeding Your Family On A Tight Budget – MEAL PLANNER FREEBIE!!

Everybody has a tight budget at some point or another and the struggle truly is real. For those of you currently struggling, thank you for reading because I’m hoping some of these tips can help you as much as they have helped my own family.


When there is an extremely tight budget, a lot of other things follow. The big one to name here would be stress. It is such a stressful time when there is not a lot of income. Depression would be the next to follow.


I really hope some of these tips can help you with your budget as much as they did for me and my family.


1. Meal Planning!

You do not need to eat rashens just because you are on a tight budget. With careful meal planning and looking into every dollar you spend at the grocery store, you too can eat good, wholesome, healthy food. Check out my own meal planner below that I use for my family every month.



2. Luxury VS Necessity!

Make sure you are tracking where every dollar is going. Find out what is a necessity and what is a luxury. Cancel all payments that you place under luxury. These things may include, Netflix or Foxtel. When shopping, only buy what you really need. Go back and look at the meal planner and make sure you are only buying what you need.


3. Shopping Lists!

I am so bad when it comes to the shopping! I write out a list but I either forget it or just don’t follow it. I would always just chuck things in the trolley that I saw that weren’t on the list. After loosing an income, I soon started following my shopping list. Write out a list, make it realistic, and STICK TO IT! I cannot believe how much money this has saved me. If you’re as bad as me, start skipping the isles you think might make you impulse buy.


4. Vouchers or Coupons!

If you can get your hands on promo codes, vouchers or coupons, USE THEM! A lot of people don’t actually know how much you can save by doing this. It may not seem like a lot but it adds up quickly. In Australia we have Coles supermarkets and this is where I shop. They have a rewards program similar to vouchers and coupons called Fly-Bys, After you have gained enough points you can either buy items from the website with those points or, you can turn those points into Fly-By Dollars which equals actual money. I just let my points add up and when I really need something and the budget is extremely tight, I turn my points into dollars and go do a little bit of shopping. This has saved my ass a couple of times now and I think its an awesome idea!


5. Using Too Much!

With the products that you buy or already have, use per instructions or, if you can get a way with it, use a little less. This is perfect for laundry powder and fabric softener. I do my washes with a little less than the box/bottle states and by doing this I can get an extra 2-3 loads out of each product. Another perfect example is hand soap. Instead if using one full pump, use half a pump. Tying a rubber band half way up the pump will make it much easier to only get half rather than the full pump.


Every single one of these tips I have used myself with great results. It may not seem like a lot but it really does add up very quickly. I have started doing this long term and I truly can see a difference in how much I am saving.

I really hope that these tips can help you with your budget as much as they have helped me.


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